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Suncream low downs


If your like me you have a collection of sunscreens in your bathroom, left over from last holiday, am I right? BUT did you know that suncream expires? 

But when does sunscreen expire?

If you want to keep your skin healthy and protected you should use an SPF every day. Did you know that? 

Did you know your sunscreen should contain a minimum of SPF 30 and you should apply it liberally to exposed skin, frequently. 

BUT how long does sun cream last?  In general SPF products should have a shelf life of up to three years, but this is not always the case, with products containing less chemicals and opting for more natural ingredients. 

When determining if a sunscreen is still usable, your first point of call should be the expiry/use by date. This is usually stamped on the outside of the container. If the expiry date has passed, you can no longer rely on the product to protect your skin from the sun and its halmful UV rays.

How can you recognise if your sunscreen has expired?

Your suncream can expire even before the expiry date, but how do you know?  Sunscreen is best stored in a cool, dark and dry spot because heat, sunlight and moisture may cause it to deteriorate faster. When you are out and about, try wrapping your sunscreen in a towel or keeping it in your bag to prevent the sunlight from making the formula inside less effective. When checking the efficacy of your SPF start by looking at how the formula looks, feels and smells.  If the texture has changed, for example become more watery or grainy, the product is discoloured or has a different odor to when you first opened it, the SPF could be off.

Is it okay to use expired sunscreen?

Protecting your skin from the sun not only prevents premature signs of ageing, but also protects against harmful UV damage which can seriously affect your skin. Expired sunscreen cannot be relied upon to provide any of that wonderful protection. You’ll also have exposed your skin to harmful free radicals which can accelerate skin ageing we don’t want that right? 

Does sunscreen expire if not opened?

The short answer is yes, Sunscreen deteriorates when exposed to heat, sunlight and moisture. If your bottle has been sitting by the side of the pool, or in your car while you’re at the beach, the formula inside may well be deteriorating even if you haven’t opened it yet. To keep your sunscreen effective for as long as possible, store your sunscreen in a cool, dry and dark spot. 

Looking for a suncream that is lightweight and not full of bad chemicals that damage the skin?  

We will be launching just that in July. An innovative lightweight cream  formulated with SPF 25 & 50 to provide your complexion with comprehensive sun protection. Promoting the regeneration of damaged cell structures as it deflects the sun’s skin-damaging rays.

The Sun Cream is developed with Zinc Oxide & Magnesium, which provide protection and promote the regeneration of damaged cell structures.

Invisible yet incredibly hard-working, shielding your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. It’s a must-have for any beauty regime, this can be used on the face too and not feel cloggy and heavy 

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Not fan of the sun? or perhaps you prefer to stay away, but longing to get a nice healthy tan?

Well we have you covered on that too! Introducing the BRAND NEW sun drops. Our formula will work with your skin tone, and type, to create the most natural glow….all you need to do is decide how tanned you want to go. More drops, more GLOW!

Sun Drops are enriched with skin-loving ingredients to hydrate, replenish and protect the skin whilst also building an even tan that lasts. Gradually developing into a natural-looking, streak-free tan in just 4-8 hours.

Key benefits are: Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Properties, Antioxidant-Rich and Skin nourishing which are protective against free radicals.  TO GRAB YOUR DROPS SEE FORM BELOW