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Editorial firefly

My absolute favourite part of my career is being booked for a photoshoot. I love how different each booking is, and the icing on the cake is when you get sent a tear sheet of your work in a magazine.

I’m either sent a moodboard to work with, or I get to create my own, this is where I can get super creative. I love it when everything comes together, the whole team playing their part from makeup, to hair, to wardrobe, to photography and to setting. I’m not one to sit back and just watch, I love getting stuck in and helping out whether it be holding a reflector or moving the lighting etc 

Wayne Lewis, a good friend and a fantastic photographer and the beautiful model Waide Cattell and I had a vision of the firefly fairy set in the woods in golden hour. We picked a location on the corner of Tehidy Woods, Cornwall. We did the makeup out the back of my car in the field for lighting and then we had the wardrobe at the ready. BUT what we soon began to realise was that the golden hour goes pretty fast and when your working on the woods, it gets dark pretty fast! We managed to get some cracking shots but we could have done with another hour! 

You should have seen us, racing for the sunset, changing the outfit as fast as we could and battling the traffic that was driving past and the head lights, but we cracked it! 

We were then approached about the photo for the teal magazine. It’s always a happy moment seeing your work in a magazine! 

Here’s some of the photos we managed to capture that evening, this was when we were allowed to work in between lockdowns.