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Is your laptop ageing you?

Photo of a laptop with google

Did you know that the light from your iPhone, laptop and tablet could be encouraging pigmentation and ageing

How many screens have you looked at so far today? Two or three is the most likely answer. Your iPhone, your computer screen and perhaps a tablet. While it’s long been known that screens don’t help your eyes, what is becoming more talked about is the effect they’re having on your skin, i bet you havent even thought about that have you?

For as long as i can remember and thats a while now, we have been told to wear sun protection to protect against harmful UV rays from the sun, but there is another light that could be equally as ageing.

Lets take a look at why are screens harmful to your skin?

Screens, including your smart phone, laptop and tablet emit High Energy Visible Light (HEV), which is the natural source of blue light. Excessive exposure to HEV light can increase pigmentation and damage the barrier function of your skin, which is responsible for defending against environmental aggressors and locking moisture in. 

ok so How can you defend against it?

While a lengthy step away from your screens might not be possible for everyone, the best approach is to limit the time you spend looking at a screen, turning it off before bed will also likely give you a better night’s sleep too. But good news there are other methods of defending your skin against HEV light.

You want to look for skincare that helps with environmental protection to filter photo light. Melanin itself is a natural pigment that your body creates naturally and is photo protective. Opt for a formula that is also packed full of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and help with antioxidants to protect the skin from the environment. 

You can inject skin boosters into the skin which combines vitamins C, E, Retinol, B complex and minerals, but if you’re like me then needles are a no no, there is a simpler way. Have you heard of Skin Tonic? it’s a drink you shot once a day that will help with this, but you will also need to wear sun protection to help protect against the UVA and UVB.

Did you know that the Skin Tonic can also help with anti ageing, skin elasticity, acne, skin glow and so much more.

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