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Can the lash room be your safe place, somewhere that helps your mental health?

Text and lashes

When my client lays onto my beauty bed, and settles in the super plush pillow the relaxation does something, it allows them to feel totally at ease. It’s where they can chat about their day without judgement. Somewhere they can ask friendly advice. Somewhere they can have a laugh and cry.

I love coming to you for my lashes as I get a agony aunt service too. I always feel great when I leave your treatment room.

Becky S

Lockdown 1

Life is pretty hectic and busy and when my clients visit me its time for them to chill and unwind and walk out looking and feeling great after they have had a treatment with me, so when the government told us back in March we were going into lockdown, I was devastated. My clients are not just a beauty client, but many have become true friends and we keep each other sane I think! So with the worry of lockdown and no one knowing how bad the virus was, what it meant for the future it had a MASSIVE impact on mental health I was getting weekly messages from my clients asking if and when I was re opening.


After the false start in July when we in the Beauty industry classed ourselves the same as hairdressers, when apparently we are not, who can explain that? nope me either! We had to wait for the green light in August, there was a start stop at the beginning which again played with my clients, as one moment they were excited to get back in my treatment room, then the next I’m cancelling all the treatments again. Anyway finally we opened……I can not say how excited I was to see all my clients, and how understanding and supportive they all were.

I was once again back in my element making people feel good. This is why I am in this industry it makes me feel great to know that someone I have seen feels amazing about themselves, walking away with a smile and confidence. I had so many comments about them missing our little chats and how it made them feel great.

We’re closed AGAIN – Lockdown 2

I dont understand this lockdown, the beauty industry is one of the most hygienic industries out there, its not a vain service, as I mentioned above alot of my clients come to me to make them feel better, have a moan, cry, laugh or just ask for some advice. Some may say I am an unqualified Councillor, what I am is a good listener and a good friend. So how long will this lockdown last? will we be back before Christmas?

My Question

So my question to you if the lash room can have such a positive mental health outcome, why are we always forgotten?

What is said and done in the lash room, stays in the lash room!

Jen Chauhan