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Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive

  1. Putting ice on a breakout through a tissue or napkin, helps to reduce the appearance of the spot by reducing redness, inflammation & swelling!⁣
  2. Clean your teeth before you wash your face, as some ingredients in toothpaste can cause irritation & dryness, but also our dribble has bacteria in it so let’s wash that off
  3. Applying products on to damp skin really helps with product penetration & if that mist is a hydrating toner then hydration will be improved also! ⁣
  4. We all know this one surely! our phones are filthy & we all could do with a reminder to give them a clean daily! Especially at the moment ⁣
  5. I’ve mentioned before how I am a massive fan of silk pillowcases but they cost money so in the interest of free tips wash your pillow case 3 times weekly try never to sleep on the same side more than twice! Pillowcases are so absorbent they pick up all the oil & bacteria from our skin & hair as we sleep! ⁣
  6. Choose water! Good hydration levels improve our whole body & mood not just our skin but good hydration in our skin means it appears plumper, elasticity is improved & irritation & blemishes are reduced!